c-section birth Austin tx

What is a birth story? 

A Birth Story documents your birth from active labor to one hour after delivery. Birth stories capture the joy, (sometimes) pain, excitement, relief and wonder surrounding your birth. The final images will tell a story that you can share with friends and family.  Some packages include a slideshow set to music as well.

When do you arrive for my birth?

Birth coverage begins at active labor which is around 5-6 cm dilated. When you are in active labor you should call me so I can head over to the hospital. I will stay with you until the baby is born – whether it moves quickly or slowly!

Do I need permission from the hospital or doctor? 

Each facility and doctor has a different policy. It is your responsibility to speak with them and get permission. My personal doctor allowed photos until she came into the room and deliver and immediately after the baby was out. Even though I didn’t get any pictures of the “catch” I still love my photos and cherish them.

What happens if you can’t make it?

I make every effort to attend your birth. However, if I am sick I WILL NOT compromise the safety of you and your baby. I have a backup photographer who will be on call for me and will take your images. I am sure you will love her as well! If I miss the birth because you did not contact me as agreed upon, no refunds will be given. I will arrive as soon as I am notified and will stay for 2 hours as a Fresh 48 session if the delivery has already occurred. If I miss the birth through no fault of my own (car wreck, traffic etc.) I will credit your session fee towards a Fresh 48 or Newborn session and no refunds will be given. If you give birth extremely quickly and although you notified me appropriately I was unable to make it in time, I will spend 1 hour with you and credit your session fee towards a Newborn session. Again, I will make every reasonable effort to be there and I have a backup photographer on call as well.

How much does it cost? What is included?

Birth Session packages begin at $1500. This covers me being on call for your delivery, staying with you from active labor until 1 hour after delivery, editing your images, your digital images and a custom slideshow. Some packages includes an heirloom album as well.  Fresh 48 sessions begin at $495 and include some images. Newborn session fees are $275 and covers only the time and talent of the photographer as well as custom editing your images. An in person ordering session will be held approximately 2 weeks after your birth. At the ordering session you will review your edited images, select which ones your want to include in your slideshow or album, and make any additional print or product purchases. For a full price list, please email me at hello@adornedlifephotography.com.

Will you use a flash?

Sometimes a flash is necessary. Low light creates very grainy looking photos. I will use discretion and be as sparing as possible. I don’t want to be a distraction in any way!

What if I know I’m having a c-section?

Most hospitals will not allow photographers in the OR or nursery. I can still document the day leading up to the c-section and after you are released from recovery. You can also choose a Fresh 38 session. Fresh 48 sessions are held within 48 hours of delivery and will take place in the hospital. This is a great way to still have to still capture those first moments without having me be present for the delivery.

When should I book?

The beginning of the second trimester is the best time to book your session. I only take on 2 birth clients a month to ensure that I am available for your birth. You are free to contact me sooner if you wish, but as a woman who had a miscarriage at almost 11 weeks I know the heartbreak surrounding the loss. Cancelling your birth session isn’t something you want to be thinking about.

Will we meet in person before?

Absolutely! When you are ready to book your session we will meet for coffee or lunch (your choice!) to meet and go over my contract and answer any questions you have.

What is a fresh 48 session? 

Fresh 48 sessions are a great way to capture the first 48 hours of your baby’s life without having an additional person present at the birth. This is also a great option when you know you are having a c-section. This is a great time to capture grandparents or siblings meeting the new baby!

Fresh 48 sessions are typically held during business hours Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm.  Sessions are 1 hour long. They are held at the location of the birth. Some digital images are included in the package, but you always have the option to buy additional images or prints.

What is a newborn session?

Newborn sessions are posed session. This is a great time to get pictures of mom and dad or siblings with the new baby. This images will look wonderful displayed on your walls or in heirloom albums.

Newborn sessions are held between 5-14 days old. The sessions are 2-3 hours long and can be held at your home or the studio. An in person ordering session will be held approximately 2 weeks after your photography session. The session fee covers only the time and talent of the photographer as well as custom editing of 20 images.

Do you take payment plans?

Absolutely! Investing in photography is wonderful, but I understand that it may be something you can’t pay for all at once. Birth stories will require a $500 deposit at the time we sign the birth contract. I am flexible with my payment terms so we can work out a plan that suits your needs. In general most payments are monthly, with the balance due 40 days before the birth.

Did you change your business name? 

Yes, until January 2016 I operated under Adorn Photography Studio.

Why do I have to wait two weeks to see my pictures? 

I’m a mom and my family is important to me – just like you! The time allows me to go through your images and custom edit them for our ordering session while still focusing on my family. Editing is especially important with newborns as I will be making their skin look as beautiful as possible, even if they are red or flaky when we hold our session.