Newborn Guide

Austin TX newborn photo

This guide will give you the information you need for your newborn session.

A new baby is like the beginning of all things…

Thank you for trusting me with your baby. I have been specializing in newborn photography for over 2 years. I am a mom of 3 and I know how quickly time flies.

Newborn sessions are offered in my studio in North Austin.

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Babies are best photographed generally when they are under two
weeks of age, however; this is dependent upon whether the baby
was born full term and their birth weight. We suggest calling us
within a few days of the baby being born. We always leave room for
newborn sessions, however; during the busy Holiday season it is best
to pre-book, as we can always modify the schedule.

Most of the newborn images you see on our website are of babies
that are anywhere from 7-10 days of age. If the baby is premature
we may wait a bit longer until the baby has reached a healthy weight.
If you would like the squishy baby photos then coming in within the
first two weeks of life is essential.

We understand that twins and premature babies are often in the
hospital a bit longer therefore making an early newborn session
impractical. Please call us with the birth information so we can help
determine the best time to schedule.

We know this is a sensitive time and we have a team here to assist
during newborn sessions, so you can sit back and relax.

For the working Dads we do have evening appointments available
in which we accommodate evening sessions available by request.
Weekend appointments are available for an additional charge.


Our studio has everything you could ever need for a
newborn session. You can arrive with nothing
but your baby and we can take care of you. However, the
following is a suggested packing list.

  • diapers (we do keep spares as well)
  • wipes (we also have some)
  • pacifier (just in case)
  • blanket (to comfort in between poses)
  • extra bottles (if bottle feeding)
  • burp cloths

You are also welcome to bring one specialty items or prop
to be used in your session.

Dry flaky skin and acne will occur as babies get older. It
is best to bathe your newborn and then apply Eucerin or
other natural baby oil to their skin to soften the flakes.
For baby acne, cool washcloths will help in cleaning. If all
else fails, I do retouch!

Austin TX newborn



Parents, partners, siblings and grandparents are always invited to
participate in any newborn session for no additional fee. When it
comes to clothing, the idea should be to wear items that will show
well when images are printed and hung in the home. We suggest
wearing solid colors or simple soft patterns that are not distracting.
Gone are the days of “matchy-matchy” clothing, however, when
dressing the family, keep the tones similar. You are welcome to bring
a change of clothing, and we might warn you that when handling a
naked baby someone will get soiled! If it’s us, we are totally fine with
it, however; we may suggest bringing a change of clothes if you have
to go anywhere after the session.

We love little boys barefoot and without a shirt or simple t’s. and
Dads should keep clothing simple and similar. For Moms we want
you to be as comfortable as possible. Maternity clothes or anything
that feels good to wear is welcome. We do suggest wearing makeup –
especially mascara – as it really makes a difference in images and will
make you feel a little better as well. When calling to schedule your
session we would be happy to discuss your clothing choices with you.


On session day we would prefer if you are coming to our
studio, to feed the baby when you arrive. Babies will tend
to feed more than normal in a new environment, and
feeding them in our studio first will usually ensure a nice
start to a session. If you must feed the baby before you arrive,
try just giving half a feeding. For bottle fed babies we suggest
packing extra bottles. Babies get very hungry during their
newborn sessions.

If you are breastfeeding, please see the enclosed nursing
guide of foods you may want to avoid 48 hours before your
session. Every baby is different but we have found through
our own personal experiences that certain foods really
affect babies. Gassy or grunting babies are often this way
due to an intolerance to spicy or gassy foods. Always
consult your pediatrician when there are concerns.