What to Wear


Wear whatever is comfortable for you! Many of my clients will wear a sports bra during labor and birth because they want to be able to share some of the images publicly. Solid-color sports bras are a great choice. If you feel the urge to take off your bra during birth, don’t worry. I’m often able to get creative with angles and still capture moments that you can share with family or friends.

Many clients will bring meaningful items or jewelry. These will not only provide amazing stories for you to tell your children in the years to come, but they can make your photographs really pop. If you are giving birth in the water, consider bringing a towel with special significance. If you are giving birth in the hospital, consider bringing your own swaddling blankets or baby hats.

Your partner should also wear comfortable clothing. Solid colors are often preferable as loud patterns or logos can distract the eye from the beautiful moments that are unfolding in your family. Some of my favorite choices are solid color t-shirts. Comfortable but also great to photograph.

I encourage both you and your partner to pick out a separate set of clothes that can be worn after birth. Giving birth can be messy, and you may want to change out of what you’ve been wearing. Many of my clients will purchase a pretty robe that coordinates with something their partner or other children will wear. Those first family photos can be priceless. But at the end of it all, remember that what you wear matters far less than what you experience. Don’t stress too much about clothing!