The long wait – a hospital birth story

This sweet little boy decided to take his time getting here. Mom was 40 weeks and 5 days before he decided it was time to make his grand debut at the hospital. Mom was so patient – more than I would have been! Mom was pretty sure she was in labor and headed to her doctor’s office to verify. She was! They sent her next door to the hospital to check in. I met mom and dad at the hospital later that morning. It was a super rainy, heavy traffic day so thankfully there was no baby born in the car. Mom was in great spirits and it was hard to believe she was in active labor. Even as her labor progressed she was happy and managed the pain extremely well. When it was time to meet the sweet little boy, mom was strong and did a great job bringing him earthside. He was so happy to be in his momma’s arms and calmed right down. Welcome to the world little man! Keep an eye on the blog for pictures from his newborn session.

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