Thoughts from a fellow photographer

Going back to the topic of the cost of birth photography, I thought it would be great to give you another photographer’s opinion. She wrote a wonderful blog about deserving birth photography. Read on and visit her website to check out her work.

“YOU deserve to have your birth photographed. Period. There is no pre-requisite of a certain type of pregnant body, certain location of your birth, or certain amount of medical intervention to qualify for your beautiful birth to be captured. You and your baby’s birth story is a unique story deserving to be honored through photos.

Imagine spending 9 months or more planning where you are going to get married. You plan exactly who is going to attend this ceremony. You plan exactly how you want events to turn out. You plan who is going to officiate the service. You’ve planned the atmosphere of whether you want your ceremony being quaint or crowded with a bunch of people cheering you on to enter the next phase of life. You plan what you are going to wear or not wear. You plan for every single detail, big or small.  You pay the officiant, a wedding planner, the wedding venue hosts, and the musicians. Can you imagine planning every single detail of one of the biggest days of your life and not hiring a professional photographer? You just decide that iPhone pictures taken by your mom give this special day justice.

There is absolutely no way to fully capture the true atmosphere and details of your wedding day with your phone. The same goes for your birth and moments of postpartum with your new baby. Your birth is worth capturing by a professional photographer. No, birth is not always roses and sunshine, but the real and raw moments that unfold as labor and delivery play out is just as beautiful as any wedding I’ve ever seen. This day may trump your most important day of your life and you want to have it documented. Plan for birth photography to be incorporated in to your birth plan along with your care providers and any other people invited in to your special birth day! 

So remember you, yes YOU, and all other mommy-to-be’s deserve to have birth photography, because each story is worthy to be told!”


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