Austin Texas birth photographer – unintentional, unassisted homebirth

This lady is a dear friend of mine. I can say honestly that I’ve never seen anyone give birth as quick as she does. I was blessed to be there for the homebirth of baby number 3 (read about that here), and I was lucky to be there for the homebirth baby number 4 as well. Sort of 😉 The night before baby Beau was born she called to make sure I was still in town as I was leaving that weekend. (Side note: This is exactly why photographers like myself always have a back up photographer ready!) She has a history of going into labor early so I knew it was likely with this baby as well. The next morning at 5:25am she texted me that contractions were 6-8 minutes apart. I fed my baby and headed out the door. Confession time: She asked me to bring some breakfast for her kids as she needed to go to the store but I did too! I stopped by Chickfila on the way over and made it to her house in just under 55 minutes. Her wonderful midwife at Central Texas Birth Center met me at the door and said “Baby is here and we missed it too.” Turns out my dear friend had an unintentional, unassisted homebirth in her tub just a little more than 30 minutes after calling me and the midwife. I was able to catch all of the great moments immediately after her birth though. Here are a few of my favorites. And check out his newborn session here.

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